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Funnel247 Integrates with...

Hey there!

Welcome to Funnel247 Founders page. I am Neil Napier, and along with Vipul Garg - I’d like to welcome you.

Read every word of this page. What you see will make 2019 the MOST passive and profitable year for your life, without any extra work. From there and beyond, you can build your business on YOUR terms. Our goal today is to help you attain the lifestyle you always dreamed about. The lifestyle that you saw other people living!

If you don’t know what I do - here’s my mission statement: My goal is to help people - like you - turn what they know into something they can sell.

My students and I sell our courses, physical products, ebooks, and even coaching. Some of my students run agencies.

Over the last 5 years, we have generated nearly $5M with our emails and sales funnels.

But it wasn’t always this easy...

Gurus promised automation, but it never came...

When I started marketing online - I was initially in the service industry. A copywriter.

I realized that there was more money to be made as a product creator, and as an affiliate.

So I started creating products, and I started dabbling with affiliate marketing.

I spent 60 hours a week to “crack” it. But success eluded me!

Even after spending weeks locked inside - behind my computer screen - I struggled to “make” it. Even though I was making some money, being away from my friends and family wasn’t why I left my job.

Have you felt like this before?

Maybe you know there’s money to be made as an affiliate. Or selling products.

And you’ve been trying. You’ve been attempting to create products. Run ads.. You’ve probably purchased social media syndication software. Hoping that would give you “autopilot” traffic to drive to your assets.

That’s why you bought all those $27 tools, Right?

They promised autopilot - but they all failed to deliver.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve probably purchased many landing page builders. But has any of this enabled you to set up a TRULY passive business?

What about autoresponders? I bet you have those too. But tell me - how many of these tools have helped you build a TRULY autopilot business? How many of these generate results that you desire?

If you don’t have a passive business right now - you are probably making the same mistakes we made:

I was stagnant because I was not reusing my funnels

I was uncertain because I don't know how to automate my email sequences, and,

I was unsuccessful because I was creating new products all the time, and discarding the old ones.

Just like you, I’ve wasted countless hours and THOUSANDS of dollars in things that didn’t make any money.

I have wasted my time and money:

Building new products all the time because the old ones stopped getting sales

Building new funnels all the time because that’s the only way to get more sales

Emailing list daily with a new offer of the day, and losing their trust and money in the process!

But I have been able to fix this now.

If you have similar problems like I used to - we have something for you today.

One Line of Code Changed My Funnels Overnight

Feel it is hard to believe? Good! It's healthy and smart to be a bit sceptical, just keep reading I will take away all your doubts with real life proof!

When I first started working with my mentor - he had a simple mantra:

“Build it, and they will come - and you will continue to get sales.”

Well - it may have worked for him. But for me, this plan flopped. For a long time, I built one product after another. I created a new funnel every week. Even though I was making some money here and there - the money would dry up faster than an oasis in the Sahara.

There’s an expression among those that launch products online:

“Online business is feast and famine.”

Sometimes - you will launch a product and make $10,000 in a week. And then you will make nothing for the next 6 months.

I was in the same boat.

I struggled to build a passive business.

It’s not that I didn’t know HOW to build a passive business. It’s just that there wasn’t a decent TOOL available to automate what I did.

I looked around for options…

Hubspot charged $2,000 - PER MONTH!

ConfusionSoft was equally expensive.

Even “cheaper” products like ClickFunnels couldn’t help make my business TRULY PASSIVE.

They were all missing something (Hint: They are still missing it!)

Then - 18 months ago - something surprising happened.

I was in New Delhi, India on a business trip, and an entrepreneur - Vipul Garg - contacted me to set up a meeting.

He quizzed me on my plans with my funnels - how it was going, and how much money I was making.

He then asked me a simple question:

“What if you could make your funnels passive with ONE line of code?”

I laughed.

He didn’t.

Vipul was serious. With his development team - he had created a solution to make EVERY funnel and EVERY email autoresponder out there - TRULY passive.

Vipul had created what I like to call - an EVERGREEN SOFTWARE.

He had created something for which marketers paid $2,000 per month.

...and he offered it to me at 1/20th of the price.

And guess what - it worked!!!

Here’s why Funnel247 works so well…

Vipul has created something extraordinary that unlocks the VAST potential of your funnels.

Imagine this for a second…

You create a new product - spend 4 weeks orchestrating a launch.

Post-launch you count your $$$, and you made $10,000.

Now instead of waiting for another 6 to 9 months to re-launch it - what if you set a perpetual launch - EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

It can give you steadier income than an open and close launch. For example, I’ve had an evergreen funnel in place for 8 months, and I can now accurately predict how much income I’ll make each month from it.

Emily McGee

What if - for every new person that lands on your page - the launch automatically restarts every week?


...Now you won’t need to create new products all the time. You can sell the same product over and over again. Without it becoming stale.

...Now your funnels will be automatically personalized according to every single person lands on your pages.

...Now your emails will be forever evergreen and timely. They will land on exact dates and time to match the timers on your funnels.

An evergreen sales funnel is one that happens automatically. You’ve set things up ahead of time so that the progression happens automatically. 

Pat Flynn

And this process will continue week after week.

Month after month.

Truly autopilot.


...and this can be YOUR business.

See how our funnels have made money AFTER we implemented Vipul’s solution.

That's $395 Per Day - on Autopilot

...and we are not the only ones...

I bought Funnel247 because of the possibility to create custom countdown timers no matter when people start to come in the funnel... and that these needs to be set up only once but can run forever.

Saurabh Bhatnagar

Been running evergreen funnels since quite long I was waiting for a solution like TimeOut. FINALLY I HAVE ONE NOW!! Will be a real ROI BOOSTER for my Funnels

Annette Eckelt-Toussaint

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of…

Funnel247 covers 3 KEY things you will need to build a TRULY PASSIVE funnel based business.

It includes 3 KEY components you need right now:




Let me explain…

After careful surveying, and talking with Vipul - we agreed that something big was missing in our market.

Everyone was selling funnel builders. With the promise of passive income.

But no one was making a passive income - not even vendors who sold these tools.

Now I’ll give your our system, so you can build a passive business.

Funnel247 starts with a 6-week coaching program. In this program, I work with you to show you how you can build fully automated funnels and email campaigns. You don’t need to create anything new. I’ll explain how you can “update” your old funnels and emails to reactivate them again.

Training starts on 26th November and will happen every week at 11 am ET/NY (4 PM GMT). This will continue for 6-weeks, after which we’ll do 1 call a month (for the next 12 months!)

All the sessions will be recorded, so if you miss something - you can come back and watch it later.

Here’s what the training will contain:


Idea Validation – aka Offer Building – 26th November | Valued at $297

In this training, we’ll discuss how you can validate your business ideas even before you spend a single cent, or a single hour – building them! Plus – you will make money in your first week.

During this week, you’ll get:

  • Our top-secret offer building checklist which gives you INSTANT ability to map out your next offer. Following this, you can start selling immediately.
  • Our step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help you fix a failing offer. With this, you can see quick RoI on your purchase today.
  • Our “octopus” method of building an offer which will show you different ways to position your product. Implement this, and you’ll never run out of ways to sell your products
  • QnA where I’ll go through YOUR offers and give you insights to improve your offer. If you ask the question, you may get a new offer right on the call.


Funnel Ramp – aka building your funnel – 3rd December | Valued at $297

In this training, we’ll discuss what kind of funnel works in what situation – including cancelation funnel, hero funnel and more! I’ll show you how to build these in RECORD time.

During this week, you’ll get:

  • My funnel building checklist which will help you build PERFECT funnels every time. Following this, you can re-check your old funnels to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.
  • I’ll give you my Hero Funnel formula, which you can use to build trust with your audience. Build this, and you will soon have MORE people buying from you than ever before!
  • I’ll share my Cancellation Funnel formula, which you can use to save refunds. Anyone canceling or refunding from you will now be able to see your other offers - giving you the opportunity to make more money.
  • Copy my Survey Funnel, so that you can build a segmented list of customers. Doing this will help you avoid needless unsubscribes, and make more money by addressing your customers’ problems.


Sales Positioning – aka Firewalking – 10th December | Valued at $297

Every niche and product is different. What works for one market may not necessarily work for yours. I show you how to cut through the BS and sell ANYTHING – and handle any objections even before they come up!

During this week, you’ll get:

  • My checklist to help you transform any message from one market to another, so that you can take the best campaigns from different markets and make them work for you. Using this, you'll be able to get to sales process faster!
  • Training on how to create list of objections, so you can tackle them one by one to overcome them. Do this and you'll see anywhere between 50% and 200% increase in sales.
  • Our paint-by-numbers guide on building your customer journey, so you know what comes next. Do this and you'll never run out of ideas to teach and sell.
  • QnA where I’ll go through YOUR worst campaigns and improve them to help you sell better. If you show up and share, I may fix that campaign that's been failing all along.


Evergreen Elements – aka Laying the Passive Groundwork – 17th December | Valued at $297

In this training, we go deeper into the evergreen funnel process and show you how you can build the right fundamentals for a passive funnel.

During this week, you’ll get:

  • Training on what to avoid when building out a passive funnel. Most people make the mistake of trying to make EVERYTHING changeable. I will show you how to change only 3 elements, so you can get to results faster and with less effort.
  • I'll give you my fill-in-the blanks template to create variations of your pages to split-test over long term. Do this and you will be able to improve your funnel RoI without generating more traffic.
  • During the QnA session, I will look at your funnels and share what minor changes you need to make to 2x your RoI by making them passive.

Here’s the big thing: With evergreen, you are running it every single day.

Amy Porterfield


TimeOut Execution – aka Connecting The Dots – 7th January | Valued at $297

Pure action week, where I’ll show you – STEP-BY-STEP – how you can build evergreen systems into your funnels. In this hands-on session, and we’ll hold you accountable to take action and get results!

During this week, you’ll get:

  • This is the session you've been waiting for. I'll lift the veil behind TimeOut and show you exactly how the pieces fall into place. Even though by now you should have implemented this already, after this session, you'll discover hidden tricks with TimeOut that can help you scale up your business passively.
  • Follow along in our pre-built campaign to see how we have generated over $170,000+ in campaigns built with TimeOut. Copy our funnels and monetize them!
  • During QnA, I will look at some of the funnels you've set up. Bring them to the session so you can get instant help from our team.


Email Scarcity – aka TRUE Passive System – 14th January | Valued at $297

Email plays a BIG role in building a TRUE passive system. In this training, we’ll talk about how you can use ANY autoresponder system to build in some SERIOUS scarcity and automation.

During this week, you’ll get:

  • Training on how to optimize your emails to turn them passive. I'll take one of my best performing broadcast sequences and turn it into an autoresponder sequence live on call. Follow along so you can do the same and build autoresponder sequences.
  • My best performing email template and the science behind it. Customize it as you want to write emails faster. Do this and you'll be able to instantly create cash-pulling emails.
  • I'll show you how to introduce TimeOut based urgency into your emails, and at exactly what time. Following this - you'll have your emails and funnels talking to each other in perfect unison!
  • In the final QnA - we'll answer ALL your questions regarding building evergreen funnels. Make sure you attend this session - not something you should miss.

Even if you miss these sessions, we’ll make the recordings available for as long as you are a paying customer.

Plus - you get a never-before-released software:

Copy-Paste This One Line of Code For Passive Business...

Second key component of Funnel247 is an application called TimeOut.

This smart application spits out ONE line of code which can instantly ENERGIZE your funnels and emails. This app powers your funnels and emails using scarcity and countdown timers. The setup you get here is unlike your current funnel builder - it works on TOP of your current technology. Plus it’s far more advanced - because building evergreen funnel is all it does.

It’s the automation of scarcity that gives an evergreen funnel it’s power.

Bradley Stevens


There is only one other app like TimeOut out there - and it sells for $99 per month.

TimeOut helps you:

Automatically manage Cross Device Tracking to Build a TRULY Evergreen Funnel

Add Countdown Timers To Your Emails & Sales Pages That Work In Sync With Each Other

Countless Integrations That Sync With Any Marketing Stack

Just Build Once, Profit Forever No-Bluff System

If a product deal or sale isn’t urgency-based, people don’t have the incentive or reason to purchase right away.

Neil Patel

Valued at $497

The good news is - TimeOut and Funnel247 Training combined will POWER up your business in no time.

...and this package is worth $2,494 already.

Now I know what you’re thinking?

How much is a passive business going to cost?

We have decided to open up Funnel247 (and TimeOut app) to a small group of people - for a very short time.

This combination has already been sold for a low 4-figure per year. I cannot declare this sum because we signed an NDA.

But you can get Funnel247 today for a one-time price.

If I add the bonuses to the mix (you’ll see soon) - the value of Funnel247 package will DOUBLE instantly.

So you can understand why I cannot include these bonuses in the future.

...because then I will HAVE to charge more.

But don’t worry - the cost of this package is going to be far less than you think.

Our “closest” competitor out there sells their app for $99 per month. Even without any add-on training or bonuses.

Our beta users told us that this entire package is easily worth $997 upfront, and $99 per month after that.

But don’t worry - we gave them a good deal, and we’ll give you a great deal.

...because if you try and do this yourself - with trial and error, 2 things will happen. For starters, you will lose a LOT of time and money. Then, you will not get the results that you can get with Funnel247.

This is why I want to give you a great deal. that we can help you before you stumble and fall.

Wait - what if I add even more value today?

Initially, we sold this offer to a select group of beta users. While they were AMAZED by what it could do for their business, they had some follow up questions.

The first question - which many asked, was - How do we generate traffic?

Listen - there are HUNDREDS of ways to generate traffic - not all are equal. We use both FREE and PAID traffic.

But what works well for us is - Social Traffic.

Bonus 1: Social Community Secrets | Valued at $197

We love creating Facebook communities. These are places where like-minded people hang out, discuss their problems and find solutions together. Plus, since we admin then - once in a while - we sell our offers there.

...and we do this with passive funnels.

Passive Funnels = Profit.

Till date, we’ve made over 6-figures from different Facebook communities we run and manage.

Want me to teach you this secret?

Today - when you get Funnel247, you can also get access to our Social Community Secrets training. Easily valued at $197 - this training will give you the A to Z of building an online community and monetizing it. Without annoying your audience!

This bonus training will AMPLIFY your results with Funnel247.

Bonus 2: The Invisible Funnel | Valued at $197

If I was to share my BEST performing funnel - do you promise not to leak it?

Here’s the thing - as a marketer sometimes I need to be aggressive.

But mostly, I am my introverted self, and I don’t feel like selling. In which case - I turn on my “Invisible funnel.”

This best performing funnel has till date made me over $150,000 with nothing but $1 offers with ZERO forcefulness. People willingly pay $1. And if they like what I deliver - they spend another $49.

But with my personalized setup - people also pay me anywhere between $297 and $997 - live on a workshop.

What if I shared this training with you?

I previously recorded and sold it for $197, but the Invisible Funnel can be yours for absolutely free.

But only when you get Funnel247 today. And promise not to share this bonus with anyone, ok?

This bonus training will give you a new type of funnel you can implement using Funnel247.



Want me to keep going?

Bonus 3: 2 Step Funnel | Valued at $197

People tend to complicate funnels - we show you how to fix that. In this training, we help you understand how you can build simple 2-step funnels in your business. And automate that using Funnel247.

Bonus 4: 12 Checklists + templates | Valued at $497

Get a complete package of our previously unreleased checklists and templates that can help you grow your business.

You will instantly get access to:

  • Build a Sales Funnel From Scratch
  • Build a Profitable Membership Site
  • Optimize Kyvio Pages for SEO
  • Practical Side of Business
  • 16 FaceBook Group post Ideas
  • How to Set Smart Goals
  • How to pick a Smart Niche

...and more!

Ok - I am sold! Do I have to pay $997?

Let’s go through this together.

Here’s what you are getting today:

6-Week Live Training:

Worth $1,997

Week 1: Idea Validation – aka Offer Building

Week 2: Funnel Ramp – aka building your funnel

Week 3: Sales Positioning aka Firewalking

Week 4: Evergreen Elements aka Laying the Passive Groundwork

Week 5: TimeOut Execution aka Connecting The Dots

Week 6: Email Scarcity aka TRUE Passive System

Lifetime Access to TimeOut: Worth $497

Bonus #1 – Social Traffic Secrets: Worth $197

Bonus #2 – The Invisible Funnel: Worth $197

Bonus #3 – 2-Step Funnel: Worth $197

Bonus #4 – 12 Checklists and Templates: Worth $497

Altogether, this package value is $3,582.

As previously mentioned, beta users easily priced this at $997.

But we didn’t ask them to pay this much, and we won’t ask you either.

If you decide to go at it yourself - any other solution that comes close will cost you $1,200 per year.

Plus experimentation cost.

And opportunity cost. And your chances of failure are higher.

Potentially - we were able to take our $1,000-weekend funnel and turn it into $5,000 passive month.

That’s 5x RoI in less than a month.

Once we close out the launch, we’ll be selling this for $99 per month or $997 per year.

But today, we won’t charge you anywhere near that.

As part of this very SPECIAL and TIME LIMITED deal, we will not even charge you $997 one-time.

You won’t even have to pay $497 - half of that.

For a very limited time, you can get Funnel247 for… (see below, the price is going up every day!)

That’s right - Funnel247 can be yours for a low one-time fee.

I’ll pay you $500 to try this…

That’s right - I am SO confident about Funnel247, that I will give you up to $600 to try it out.

Listen – we are putting our heart and soul into this, so we are NOT doing a generic guarantee.

We are 100% confident that this system and this software could DOUBLE your business in less than 6 weeks.

So here’s our challenge: Implement what we teach, put the software into action. If it doesn’t DOUBLE your sales – contact us within 60 days, and we’ll DOUBLE the money back (proof of implementation required)

We are VERY confident that if you attend all the sessions, you will apply what we teach you. Then - you will use TimeOut, and additional bonuses to get results.

...and even if you do all that, and don’t get results - prove it to us, and we’ll double your money back.

Or of course, if the software fails to work (has issues we cannot fix), we’ll gladly refund your money. But since this package has a vast coaching component to it, and I am investing my time as well - we can only double your money back IF you apply.

Sounds like a great deal, right?

This is what you should do next...

By now, you’ve seen the RAW power of Funnel247 - how it can positively impact your business.

So here’s what you do next:

Buy it.

Seriously. If you don’t - your competitor probably will, and they will turn their funnels passive. And then YOUR audience will buy from them.

You don’t want that. Right?

So get Funnel247 NOW!

Plus - remember - the bonuses we offered will not be available once the timer hits zero. And the price will rise to $997 per year.

Can you afford to take that chance?

Trust me - I’ve searched or similar system and software. None exist. The only software that does exist will cost you $1,200 per year. And they don’t do as much as we do with TimeOut.

So what do you have to lose? Passive income.

What do you have to gain by getting Funnel247? Everything!

Act fast and get Funnel247 now.




6-Week Live Coaching

TimeOut Lifetime

Social Traffic Secrets

The Invisible Funnel

2-Step Funnel

12 Checklist and Templates




6-Week Live Coaching

TimeOut Lifetime

Social Traffic Secrets

The Invisible Funnel

2-Step Funnel

12 Checklist and Templates

95% people choose this




6-Week Live Coaching

TimeOut Lifetime

Social Traffic Secrets

The Invisible Funnel

2-Step Funnel

12 Checklist and Templates

We Made $177,300 Using TimeOut, See This:

Recap - here’s what you are getting today

6-Week Live Training:

Worth $1,997

Week 1: Idea Validation – aka Offer Building

Week 2: Funnel Ramp – aka building your funnel

Week 3: Sales Positioning aka Firewalking

Week 4: Evergreen Elements aka Laying the Passive Groundwork

Week 5: TimeOut Execution aka Connecting The Dots

Week 6: Email Scarcity aka TRUE Passive System

Lifetime Access to TimeOut: Worth $497

Bonus #1 – Social Traffic Secrets: Worth $197

Bonus #2 – The Invisible Funnel: Worth $197

Bonus #3 – 2-Step Funnel: Worth $197

Bonus #4 – 12 Checklists and Templates: Worth $497

You can get Funnel247 for a low one-time fee. When the timer hits zero, we will switch to monthly price only. Then, we’ll be selling this for $99 per month or $997 per year.

So if you want an AMAZING deal - get Funnel247 today.

We take all the risk by covering you with our DOUBLE your money back guarantee. If you are an action taker like your competition, this is an absolute no-brainer.

Hundreds of people are already using the power of Funnel247. When the countdown timer hits zero - thousands more will use Funnel247.

But will you be a part of the inner circle?

Take us up on the coaching, software and community package that has never been offered before...and will never be on offer again.

Funnel247 will redefine your 2019 and set you on a path to success.

You know you already want to - otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Trust your instinct - take the plunge. What do you have to lose?

This offer has already generated results for others. So think about the financial and time-freedom it can provide to YOU.

Click buy now and reserve your copy.

I am looking forward to working with you on the live sessions.

I am Neil Napier, and along with Vipul Garg, I want to thank you for reading this.

I hope you enjoy this system, and it finally makes your business profitable and passive. Like it has done for others.

P.S: Many people have sold you the dream of a funnel, or an autoresponder doing everything in your business. It cannot. We are finally delivering a system that sits on top of what you have - making it passive. Others have done it too, there’s plenty of proof on this page. So what are you waiting for?

If you want this - it makes sense to get it now, and not wait when the price goes up to $997 per year.

Click the buy button and get this now.

P.P.S: Listen - the more time you spend on this, thinking about it - your competition is out there taking action. Any time you say - “but I cannot get people to buy”...that’s because they are buying from your competition.

Do you want an unfair advantage over them? Do you want to finally convince your customers - without force - that they should buy from you? Funnel247 is the answer.

If you want to do something different today, and not repeat the same day over and over again - get involved. Funnel247 may change the path you are on right now. It will make your business passive. Automated...and evergreen. Take the plunge - you have nothing to lose.


Q: I am in the service industry, will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. We recommend "loyalty funnel" where you offer a limited-time first time discount to people who take you up on your offer. Funnel247 can help you build that.

Q: Can I use this on my Wordpress website?

A: Yes - Funnel247 comes with a WP plugin, so you will be able to setup evergreen pages on your wordpress website as well. Plus - we integrate with over 30 different tools (scroll up to see the video!)

Q: I just want to buy the software, can I do that?

A: Sure - but this software alone costs $47 per month. We decided to offer you a packaged deal which includes coaching, because most people buy the software and don't implement. With Funnel247 - we are equally responsible for your success. If you take action, we'll work with you so you can get great results!

Q: Does TimeOut add anything more than timers on the pages?

A: Yes - it does. If you are competent with HTML, you control more elements on your landing pages when the timer hits zero. Or you can simply use redirects.

Q: How many sites can I use this with?

A: We intend to restrict it to 5 sites - but honestly - integrate with as many as you want. We work on a fair use policy (so as long as you are not adding sites for the sake of it, we are ok helping you out!!) You can track up to 10,000 unique leads with this every single month. That's more than enough for a $25,000 per month business.

Q: How long will it take to implement this?

A: I can setup a campaign in under 2 minutes using TimeOut. If you are just starting out - it might take up to 5 minutes. But with repeated implementations, you will be able to do this in no time.

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